Najlepše mesto na svetu
Robert Marin, Matjaž Rušt

In their ongoing project, entitled ‘The Most Beautiful City in the World’ Matjaž Rušt & Robert Marin are persistently creating the visual diary of Ljubljana. The artists are not focused on the representative imagery of the city, but rather on the hidden spaces of everyday life. In a manner of street photography they document real situations and places, the ones that give the city its indelible character. Despite the omnipresent humour the work does not express cynicism or sarcasm, neither towards the people depicted, nor towards the city itself, but rather only the state of affairs as they are.

2015, selfpublished
colour offset printing
embossed laminated cover, stitched with thread, integral binding
16,5 cm x 23,5 cm, 128 pages
74 colour plates
print run: 200
ISBN 978-961-283-482-1

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